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We aim to build a safe and nurturing Discord community for our JRPG Jbooch fans. Also, we would like you to always be kind and courteous to one another. There are basic fundamentals to life we all eat, we all go pee, and we all breathe. Only some of us play games. So. if the first couple of points were not good enough let’s at least play nice by the later point. Let us build on our common interests and build friendships and perhaps a community. 

At this time, we prefer not to put a contact email on the site, because there are a number of routes for spam emails to inundate us with junk and potentially malicious stuff. So, for now, we choose the safe tried and tested route of Discord.


We hope you understand our choice and equally recognize the awesome potential of Discord for building a community and making friends.  

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International Organisation

This image is one of the locations where the JRPG Studio is located.
This image is one of the locations where the JRPG Studio is located.

The Jbooch Team Invites You!

We are a team of people at JBOOCH that are open to listening and being responsive to players’ desires. We want to invite you to join our community of gamers and creators. 

If you are not a member of Discord you can follow us on Twitter or hit up our new Facebook page and/or YouTube channel. 

We are both originally from the United Kingdom and English is our first language. 

However, one of the team speaks basic Japanese, nevertheless wherever you come from join us! We will welcome you whole heartedly because we are all on this earth, and we have a shared passion for games. 

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The Studio's indie game developers welcome you!

We hope you enjoy our games.

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